THe Saddlecreek Story

Past, Present and Future


A lot has changed behind the scenes here at Saddlecreek Coffee Company and a lot more will be changing soon.  We want to share with you all that has happened and invite you to be part of the future of Saddlecreek.

Past:  How did we get here?

As some of you may know, my wife and I purchased Saddlecreek Coffee Company in December of 2015 from Jordan Horn and his lovely family.  The Horn family loved Cave Creek and spent most of their free time involved in the horse community. Jordan and his family were friends through little league, so when he approached me about a job opportunity he had received in California and his need to sell Saddlecreek, I wanted to help!  After several visits to the coffee shop, my wife and I noticed that a lot of people from our local church seemed to hang out there.   I’m not sure exactly when, but God began to put it on my heart that the best way to help both our Church and the Horn family, was to buy Saddlecreek and donate it to North Ridge Community Church.  It is safe to say that my wife thought I had lost my mind.  However, as someone that is more giving than I, she soon jumped on board and it was donated officially on December 23, 2014.


Present:  Where are we now?


As with many good intentions, things did not go as planned.  

Our North Ridge family/leadership recognized they did not have the time, energy and expertise available to make Saddlecreek the place we all agree it can be for our community.  So, after 8 months, we all decided that we could best serve the Church and the community if Julie and I purchased Saddlecreek from the church and executed on the many plans we all dreamed of together.  We have been blessed in so many ways, the least of which being financially, that we were in a position to make that happen.  Fortunately, I completed the sale of my company, Healthiest You, this past July so I had a little more time than usual to learn some of the business and start to make some changes.


Although we may now officially own Saddlecreek, our commitment to help our community and our church has remained unchanged. The purpose of the original donation to North Ridge was to help the church fulfill their mission of helping those in need in our community, provide a profit center to donate to local ministries and have a place where the youth or adult groups could get together.  As a result, many groups host meetings weekly including a group with over 100 High School kids who meet every Tuesday night at Saddlecreek.  We are very proud of what has been done thus far by North Ridge and will continue to support all of their efforts.  


Future:  What can you expect going forward?


We are passionate about the people and our community and feel we have a unique opportunity to build something special here at Saddlecreek. Julie and I have been part of the Cave Creek and North Scottsdale Community for over 15 years.  We have 3 kids at Desert Willow Elementary with one in little league, one in the Community theater and a 5 year old that remains “undecided”.  Although we have many plans for the Coffee Company, our long term path will largely be decided by those in our community.  


In the short term you will see;

- A complete remodel to include a meeting space, kids corner and expanded patio. 

We envision a warm, inviting space that is very positive and uplifting.  

- An aggressive move towards all natural, organic food products.  This is important to our family and to many of our friends’ families as well.  You may have noticed that we now serve locally fresh pressed juices, organic eggs and organic dairy products. 

There is much more to do.  Stay tuned.

- New Products.  We will continue to try new things and introduce new concepts to make sure we stay on top of customer trends and demands.  Your ideas are welcomed. 

- Surveys:  We will survey the community to find out how we can help, where we can donate and how we can have the most impact.  Although we cannot possibly do everything, we are committed to helping as many people and organizations as we can.  



What we need from you?

First and foremost, we need your grace.  Julie and I have never owned a coffee shop and we certainly didn’t plan on it at this phase in our life.  We will make some mistakes and try things that don’t work but we will figure it out with your help.  We are very fortunate that we were able to partner with the team over at Elevate Coffee in Norterra to manage the day to day operations.  Without them, you would be getting your coffee from a Kuerig served by our kids.  They have been incredible to work with and have let us focus on the bigger picture.  Please give them your ideas, patience and support as well. (I would also encourage you to visit them at so you can see why we are so excited about partnering with them.)


Secondly, we need your feedback.  If this is going to be YOUR coffee shop then we need to hear what you and the community want and need.  We also need to know how we can help.  


Lastly, we need your patience.  Before we can donate to any more causes, we must first make Saddlecreek a consistently profitable company.  Since we have been so blessed we can donate our profits to help the community.  The more profits, the more we can help.  Please have patience in this process.  


We believe that together we can make Saddlecreek a special place. I have learned that businesses must give back to their communities so that both may grow and thrive.  We only have two main objectives for Saddlecreek; to create an insanely positive place for people to gather and to give back for all that we have received.  The greatest compliment you can give us is to choose to spend your hard earned money and valuable time at Saddlecreek.  We realize you have hundreds of choices to buy coffee or meet up with friends.  We hope to make Saddlecreek one of “your” places.   The best of Saddlecreek is yet to come.  

Thank you for giving us a chance!


Jim and Julie Prendergast (and Bella, Brennan, Brianna and even Herbie)