NEW Dapper Donuts Pop Up Shop!




Our mission is to share our hand-crafted doughnuts, enchanting toppings, and exceptional service for everyone that walks into our shop.

We are really so much more than a shop and we put so much care into everything we make for our customers. We are committed to the highest quality when it comes to product and customer service. We believe in forming a community around our brand and our passion for excellence shines through.

Don't sue us for brain freeze!

We know the feeling. The delicious pulse. That tasty squeeze on the brain. That "hand to the temple" sort of treat! "It hurts so good!" kinda frozen love affair. We are happy to say that we love it too! We have our Frozen Summer Treats to help you with that Cold Craving! 

We Learn. We Grow. We Repeat.

What a wild and beautiful adventure it has been since we opened after our remodel. You, the Cave Creek Community, have really shown us so much love! We are so appreciative and we want to continue to learn, getter better, continue to grow from this experience!

One of the biggest lessons we have learned from this experience is the power of intention. We put a lot of effort into learning from you all about what Cave Creek citizens value. What does Cave Creek love? What do you find missing? We learned that a safe, comfortable and esthetically exciting environment was missing! We knew we could do that great and you have responded with a yes! So thank you! 

The NEW SaddleCreek Coffee Co.

Something Beautiful has Started to Bloom is Cave Creek, AZ

Looking around today you wouldn't have guessed that a few short weeks ago this space looked completely different. We knew our coffee shop didn't reflect our community or what we valued. We knew we could do better and that you deserved better. There were a lot of heart, sweat, and fun that took place during our remodel. Many times we thought it was too lofty of a goal to finish a complete coffee shop remodel in 3 weeks. 

Remodel has begun!

There have been many irons in the fire as we have prepared for the renovation of our beloved coffee shop! Many in the community continue to gather on the patio and enjoy all the wonderful weather that Arizona has to offer. Each day we see the hard work and dramatic changes that we hope everyone will get to enjoy! Stay connected as we keep you up to date and all to come! 

Walk 4 Water

Hope 4 Kids International has already partnered with several cities to host a Walk 4 Water. Walk 4 Water events provide the opportunity to honor the women and children who are forced to walk several kilometers to fetch dirty water for their families.

We begin at 8am On January 21st, join our community as we walk in honor of mothers and young children who have to walk miles each day to a contaminated swamp that is located 4km from their village. 


Our focus on positive-thinking, friendship, and community-building set us apart from chain outfits like Starbucks and Einstein Brothers. In fact, it’s the main reason local groups and organizations opt to host get-togethers and quarterly meet-ups with us instead of the competition.

Whether you’re planning a bible study with your church’s youth group, you want to set aside an hour-or-two to discuss your book club’s latest novel, or you just need to catch up on grading papers at the end of the semester, at Saddlecreek Coffee Co. you can do it all.

Once you experience an afternoon with us, you’ll never look at coffee breaks the same way.

Friendly, welcoming, warm, and inviting – a few hours spent working with us is sure to rejuvenate you and help you focus back in on the week. Stop in and see us soon; we’ll have a cup of coffee waiting.

Locally Roasted

Corporate coffee chains might dot the landscape, but that doesn’t mean you have to play their game.

Stop agreeing to pronounce ridiculously hard drink titles. Commit to getting the caffeine boost you want and deserve. Say goodbye to exorbitant fees. Make the switch to locally owned, independently brewed top-quality coffee from Saddlecreek Coffee Co.

When you order your favorite drink from Saddlecreek Coffee Co. you’re both supporting local commerce as well as investing in a genuine, uplifting coffee experience unlike any other.